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Our Story:


“Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.”

— Chaim Potok


The Appalachian region of the United States is known for its natural beauty and its simple way of life. We Appalachians are known for our devotion to family and friends.  Sitting on the front porch, gathering around potlucks or even hiking the world’s oldest mountains together we share drinks, food, and stories…stories of olden times, of local happenings and even the dreams of our shared future.


We at Appalachian Tea Company love this about our home and wish to provide a space that will foster the community and conversations that both honors our heritage, envisions the future and most importantly marks the present with meaning.


We believe that sharing a cup of tea (or even freshly squeezed lemonade) is the perfect way to pause from our busy lives and make space for one another.  


Therefore we aim to serve the highest quality of products (over 35 different loose leaf teas, tea lattes, baked goods, freshly squeezed lemonades,  gourmet popsicles, and the most amazing Southern sweet tea), in the most pleasant and precise way possible.


In addition to our commitment to quality products and service we seek to foster conversations and community through curated events such as tea with teachers, artist galleries, concerts and tea tastings. Our bookstore within the tea shop is here to provide ample material to source both your thinking and conversational life. 


So whether you are seeking a quiet spot to pause and reflect or a place to sit with friends and enjoy a meaningful conversation we hope you choose to do so over a cup of tea at the ATC.

Mission: Appalachian Tea Company seeks to foster creativity and relationships by weaving threads of Appalachian community through our business

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